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A Lifestyle Marketing & Consulting Agency
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Welcome, We would love to send you some ideas about all the lifestyle marketing possibilities.  

Our lifestyle marketing concepts are simple,  

So let's be honest, 
the objective isn’t to tell you how wonderful your business is. 
Our mission is to build your brand with new and active 
consumers and generate quality leads that make you money.

We don’t waste time with unsuccessful marketing.

Many business owners with great products have no idea how to get them out to their audience. In walks our lifestyle marketing consultant... 

We create customized digital lifestyle marketing strategies that solve real-world business problems. Our lifestyle marketing concepts put customers at the source of real growth. 

At Iconic Genius we ensure that you’re using the latest technologies to streamline your workflow, that you’re using the right outlets and platforms to engage your industry and customers. 

We specialize in numerous forms of lifestyle marketing and depending on which services are right for each client’s unique situation, our lifestyle marketing strategies may contain one or more of the following.

Email Marketing- SEO- Social Media Marketing- Lead Generation- Advertising- Website- Analytic Reports- Blogging- PPC- SEM- and that's just the basics. 

15 years as a marketing executive in the TV and Radio industry lead us to YOU... 

Our job is to; 

Educate you and prepare you with the tools on how to run your own digital marketing department or to train your current digital marketing team on how to be more productive.

Yeswe are a Lifestyle Marketing Agency and we provide an extremely wide array of digital marketing and social media marketing services but our end goal is to teach you how to plan, execute and track your own digital marketing success. 
​While we work across numerous industries, we offer particularly deep industry experience and innovative thinking for clients in the following sectors:

  Consumer Products
  Healthcare Services
  Information Technology 
  Media & Entertainment
  Real Estate 
Online Marketing- SEO- Social Media Marketing