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You’ve got a killer idea for your business. You’ve shaped a great product, set up shops, raised adequate money to get out of the gate. But where are you going to get customers from?

Regular marketing isn’t enough in today’s technology-driven market.

If you want more customers now… You MUST get the customers you have involved. Most business owners miscalculate their word-of-mouth efforts. 80% of small business owners think they’re thriving in customer service and word-of-mouth, but the truth of the matter is only 8% of their customers think the same thing.

Today social media reaches beyond marketing and into customer service. Offering a positive guest experience online requires a company to invest in social customer care. At the core of word-of-mouth is providing a great experience for your consumer.

Inquiries, questions from potential customers and customer complaints (both on-site and post-experience) are shared on social more than ever before. Businesses cannot continue to disregard the fact that consumers have chosen Facebook, Yelp, and Google to voice their issues and to seek answers.

Businesses need to assemble a team of devoted personnel to manage the problems and engagement on social media and deliver the customer service necessary to stay connected in today’s world.

Stop chasing the likes or fans on social media and start doing things that are profitable. Such as;

Add the Facebook pixel to your website for free. Then upload your existing email database to it. This way Facebook can find more people that look like your existing customers. If done right, you can start finding new customers in less than 24 hrs… (Look-a-like audience explained below.)


Maybe you have already done that… Then try these 3 tips to grow your sales FAST!

  • Be equipped to spend time and money on an ongoing basis

    As I have said many times, it may not cost anything to generate a social media presence but it does take TIME and as any fruitful business person knows, time = dough! Creating a page is easy. So is wasting money on Ads that don’t convert. Besides gaining industry knowledge is a beyond important. But so is the posting and engagement which must be done regularly to BUILD and MAINTAIN your presence that can be time-consuming.

  • Be prepared to create content of value to your customers

    Social media is about sharing content of value to your community, on a steady basis. Giving your customers massive value should be the mainstay of your social media marketing plan. The more value you give the more customers will come. And yes, you can CURATE content; finding and sharing content produced by others, but you need a plan for generating content of your own as well.

  • Focus

    Jumping into social media marketing can be fun and satisfying – especially if you find a fit that you relish and that works for your public. It can also be overwhelming and time-consuming. By creating a plan and focusing on important platforms, rather than trying to have a presence on every social site, you can set your business up for social media marketing success. This concept will also allow you to save money while you figure out social media advertising.

Whatever you decided to do please remember this;

Social media is a pay to play business. Do you want to be seen? You are going to have to pay for it. So if you are going to pay… Make sure you use video no matter what you do! Here are;

And remember – If you want to get more customers now. Use the ones you have to bring in new ones. Tell your marketing team to get creative. For example; bring a friend contest is a great way to get more people interested and build engagement. Give something away for free always works. Some business owners don’t like that concept but either way businesses must see social media as a chance to better their brand.

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