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What We Do...

From technology upgrades and modernized business growth strategies,  to new revenue models, and  360 interactive solutions. 


We invest  the "X FACTORto take your brand to the next level.

Business Plan

Elite Business Training

Our business resource library features educational training, tools, and sessions on topics pertinent to you and your team as you build your brand.

Business Owner in Workshop

Community of Leaders

Building a brand that last centuries takes more than money...

It takes ingenuity, partnership, and heart.


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We partner with extraordinary brands, talents, creatives, and business minds from all walks of life. 

To ensure that systems, technologies, and new business models are established  to build a legacy company that provides for generations to come...

Janet, CEO

I knew I had a good product. I just needed the right team to help me live out my dreams. Thanks IG team.

Flippa, Owner

No one could tell me how to run my business! They still can't. But you can damn sure tell me how to make more money! I love that!!

Kevin, Founder

James and the team help me sell my company and retire early. Best decision I ever made!

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