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Innovative Metaverse Development

metaverse business development

Build Your Business in the Metaverse

We guide businesses through the metaverse by building and operating their new virtual spaces. This allows brands to extend their digital presence into the web 3.0 and maximize engagement with customers while reinventing their business growth and digital revenue streams.

NTF business development

NFT Development

Iconic Genius is quickly becoming the leading NFT development company. Offering NFT development services to businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs looking to start their journey in the metaverse world.

metaverse for small businesses

VR Business Solutions

We create VR business solutions for several sectors to help expand the brand experience and revenue. From VR applications to extensive 3D configurators, our growth strategy is to support sales of companies and build the customer experience.

metaverse marketing services

Metaverse Marketing

Optimize your brand’s revenue in the web 3.0 through growth approaches like events, pop-ups, and product placement. Produce innovative smart learning models, build bridges between business and culture– no matter if you work in B2C or B2B industries.

metaverse business development

Metaverse Land Development

To keep it simple we create businesses, events, showrooms, and buildings in the metaverse. Building brands within the web 3.0 should not be reserved for a privileged few. Our Genius Squad is ready to help you make the leap!

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