3 Important Tactics to Avoid Horrible Social Media Mistakes

Social media offers brands an exclusive way to interact with consumers. With a bit of intelligence and personality, brands can start a deep relationship with their purchasers online and influence that sense of association to market their products and services.

Conversely, while social media gives marketing businesses unmatched access to customers, it can also highlight errors, potentially tossing a company’s perceived faults into stark relief for the whole internet to see. In the age of “cancel culture” and growing social activism, a single “off” tweet or poorly comprehended post could stain a brand’s carefully curated appearance or, worse, damage its status.

How can brands avoid running off customers on social media? Below, we explore different ways to sidestep the looming doom of major social media bloopers.

Establish A Harsh Vetting Procedure

A difficult vetting process with an assorted set of approvers will help brands avoid unintentional social media gaffes. If a social media post is still in interrogation, do your research and consider checking with those in the community that your post is speaking to.

Finally, if your published post ends up being a serious blunder, take a second to listen, understand the audience’s “why” and present a truthful and sincere clarification.

Don’t Be Emotional

Evade using your social media as a platform for knee-jerk, sensitive responses. Safeguard your brand by having a procedure for planning posts and checking them with a few folks who look at things from different viewpoints. Know your audience and your prices. If there is a tacky topic that your business must comment on, do so considerately.

Build Intergenerational Squads

Social media should be managed by understanding and mature marketing specialists and not just tech-savvy leaders who know the media. Creating intergenerational teams is important. Seasoned communications experts should work shoulder to shoulder with technical specialists. Just because you know how to post something on Facebook doesn’t mean you know what to post.

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