Business Development Strategies that Quickly Increase Online Sales

Is your business making the most of its online opportunities? In this short blog, you'll find out how to build a strong digital presence, from optimizing your website to exploring social media and eCommerce. Learn easy steps to attract more customers and drive higher sales.

Systematize as you scale your marketing

The classic dream is to have your online business grow and begin to produce passive income. However, the reality is that as your business scales, in almost all cases, your workload increases. To solve this, you should systematize your business, to create a well-oiled machine that is able to run at every new level on its own.

Some of the ways to accomplish this as you scale are to identify the systems that work, identify all repetitive duties, and determine the smartest way to execute each. Then create a sequence, and document your process.

Finally, test your systems to be sure your assumptions are accurate before you pull the trigger and step away. Observe the system's operation and take note of any tweaks you can make for additional improvement. At each level, repeat the process to test your assumptions before you invest in a campaign and turn the conduits on.

Network your way to the top

When you start your online business, you may not have the money to gain more experience. An important lesson is that if you don't have traditional resources, you have to get resourceful.

Use the power of psychology in advertising

Because psychology is a critical component of advertising, basic psychological principles can make the difference that drives your prospective customer to act, Blanchard says.

The goal of advertising, in almost every case, is to provoke your target audience to the desired action. You can achieve this through strategies such as manipulating emotions, evoking pleasant memories, and gaining trust.

Fear, for example, is a powerful motivator. A familiar tagline, 'fear of missing out' (FOMO), illustrates that many people seek to be current, stylish, and modern.

So you can apply this factor to your marketing by using phrases such as "only a few left," "limited edition," or "one day only" to communicate that your consumers need to act fast or miss out.

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