How to Get More TikTok Followers Faster Than Ever

Want to know the top-secret to get a lot of fans on TikTok?

We understand it!

With 689 million users as of January 2021, everyone and their dog are on TikTok. Having tons of followers can mean a direct line to your business’s target audience –a link that most marketing tacticians only dream of—so making sure your target audience can find you is important.

So, how can people find your business on TikTok”? And better yet, “follow it”?

The following tips will show you how to get more followers on TikTok in an honest way.

Check out the competition.

It’s also not a horrible idea to check out comparable creators and brands in your business. Game recognizes game, after all. Since you share a parallel audience, it’s like free research!

Research Gen Z

Remember, TikTok is where a lot of Gen Z folks hang out. In the U.S, the vast mainstream of TikTok users is below 30-years-old.

Find out what your audience is into.

Don’t know? Just ask them!

Use your other platforms to ask your followers what kinds of digital content they’d want to see on TikTok. Instagram surveys and questions can make this very appealing and let them know you have a TikTok they should follow.

Try a branded hashtag challenge.

Any business can make a branded hashtag challenge that lets TikTokers create the content and do your publicizing for you. This works really well if you contact already popular creators and offer to pay them to create a video for your branded hashtag challenge. You’ll get access to their faithful and engaged followers and expand your target audience.

Connect with your audience’s favorite subcultures

Hashtags are also the reason a lot of niche groups and subcultures appear on TikTok. TikTok is even calling them the new demographics which means finding your demo is all about supporting yourself with the right subculture. Know your hashtag = know the right audience!

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for getting more followers on TikTok. But there are definitely lots of ways to get your page views up and your content on the right For You Pages.

Knowing your target audience, taking advantage of trends, hashtags, and TikTok challenges, using other social media platforms and ads to market your stuff, and timing your posts properly are all wonderful ways to boost your chances of getting new followers without downloading any vague apps or paying money for third world bots.

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