How to Promote Your Business Online Without Social Media

Social media has become the main tool for modern marketing and advertising. Publishing an article on your website? Post it on Facebook. Produced a white paper? Put it out through LinkedIn. Designed a flyer? Post it on IG.

We all know the drill. It’s safe to say that social media has become the go-to marketing engine for most individuals and businesses.

But the effortlessness through which anyone can share ideas on social media has a clear downside. It’s now tougher than ever to rise above the racket of social media to gain any real traction. Every time you click publish, your post must compete for attention against funny memes, baby photos, and new dances — not to mention any real breaking news.

For forward-thinking businesses, reaching your target customers today means diversifying your marketing and advertising tactics to include platforms outside social media.

Here are numerous alternative online marketing tactics you can try at your company.


Video marketing has blasted in popularity. Building an educational or entertaining YouTube channel can be a great way to build customers around your ideas or brand, much like you might be using social media.

But here’s the real stat we should all focus on: YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, after Google (which YouTube is owned by Google). When your video is optimized for YouTube search, you enlarge the discoverability of your business and channel.


A substitute for writing blogs for your website is writing guest posts for related blogs and media outlets in your niche. (We, for example, consider guest pitches.)


TV stations, radio shows, podcasts, and bloggers are accountable for regularly delivering interesting concepts and stories to their followers. If you modify a pitch to the right journalist, writer, or media persona, many folks might gladly feature you before their audience. The key is pitching subjects that matter to the audience of the medium you’re targeting.


Most people exclusively use Slack to interact with their colleagues. But you can also join hundreds of public Slack channels that exist purely for networking and sharing ideas.

You can discover public Slack channels using Slofile.

Digital FORUMS

Online forums and social media are almost cousins, sharing many features in common. The line between forums and social media is pretty fuzzy.

Ask yourself: Are Reddit and Quora considered social media or online forums? It’s hard to say surely. Either way, online forums are an awesome place for sharing digital content and spreading concepts because of the heavy dependence on community engagement. Simply look for chances to answer questions that are appropriate to your expertise (and business).

It’s easy to just slack and go through the motions when it comes to promoting your content online. Many corporations spend hours creating high-quality newsletters, videos, and podcasts — only to unenthusiastically distribute their work by clicking publish once on any given social media outlet.

The substitute is to take your online content marketing seriously. That means finding ways to expand your traffic sources, testing a lot of promotional and advertising tactics, and doubling down on what actually works. As you experiment with new marketing tactics, bookmark this blog for ideas and inspiration.

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