The 9 Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies of the 21st Century...So far.

Updated: Apr 20

eCommerce marketing is the practice of driving traffic to your online store, converting traffic to sales, and making your brand noticeable to the masses.

The best eCommerce marketing plans are dynamic- as the industry develops and audiences change, your approach must too, so that you always attain the best ROI rates. Picking the right digital marketing strategy and tailoring it to bring in the results you want to see is half the battle won.

In this article, we’re going to look at 9 of the most successful digital marketing strategies for eCommerce stores that we’ve seen work like crazy and drive explosive growth.

Start Using Google Shopping ads

One increasingly popular online marketing strategy is using the ad platform Google Shopping, which displays users’ products connected to their Google searches—and when that user clicks on a product, they are ushered directly to the seller’s website.

Pay Close Attention to site speed

The top eCommerce brands make sure their websites move fast and get customers to checkout—including site speed, header tags, and interactive media.

Take SEO Keyword Research Serious

Targeting keywords and search terms is an unlimited way to grow your audience with zero ad spend. In order to know what SEO phrases you should be targeting, you need to do ample eCommerce keyword research.

Create products to help you sell your products

A blog is a good start but beyond that is an ebook, cheat sheet, or a visual guide. These tend to be longer and more in-depth than a blog and are normally downloadable documents.

These are visually attractive and tend to have more multifaceted layouts than blogs, but can be used as high-quality lead pieces that you can center your online content strategy for eCommerce around. You can put out paid social and digital ads that point to these ebooks, and you can use them to generate leads and new contact information so that you can remarket to folks down the line.

Remember, the easiest way to find out what works for your customers is to test.

Now take a look at the last 5 tips below!

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