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Our lead generation campaigns have seen the highest returns in the following industries:

Restaurants, Hotels, Bars

Iconic Genius is a Facebook ads marketing agency for brands in hospitality and travel industry. We create insights-driven Facebook ads around a lifestyle approach to all things digital—from SEO and influencer marketing to content strategy and production to social media marketing and community management.

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Chiropractors, Dentist, Doctors

Courageous yet caring. first-class yet practical. Get ready to experience healthcare advertising and marketing in a genius way. See how we can grow your practice today!

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Gyms, Yoga studios, Dance Classes

We are one of the top resources with proven results in the fitness and wellness industry. Our custom crafted social influencer marketing campaigns have seen exponential success.

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Law Firms, Legal Practices, and Politic Campaigns

Looking for ways to attract the types of cases you actually want? While you’re working on your cases, your personal marketing team here at Iconic Genius will be working on your lead generation campaigns to deliver the best result driven ads that pay for themselves.

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